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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Excerpt from 'Reflections' by Susan Griscom

*Paranormal Suspense Romance 18+*

She walked closer to him, lowered her gaze to his chest and put her hand there, her fingers toying with the button on his shirt. “I wanted to see if there was anything still there. Still here.” She ran her finger in a circle around the spot on his chest where his heart was. “Between us.” She looked back up into his eyes. “And … I can see in your eyes, that maybe with a little coaxing …”
“You’re wrong so don’t flatter yourself, Reenie; you should have your eyes checked. I’m in love with Maia.”
“Yes, well, you’re not married to the woman, are you?”
Married? Gerry hadn’t thought about it. Married? No, he’d never been the marrying kind. Did that make him an uncaring man, considering Maia was pregnant? Did it mean he loved Maia any less? That was something he should think about—later. “No. I’m not.”
Placing her hand on his shoulder, she slid her tongue over her bottom lip. “Well, then, what’s to stop you from having a little fun with me? Do you still own the sexy little silk boxers I so enjoyed seeing you in?”
“No. I don’t.” Did he? He wasn’t sure. Underwear was underwear, not something he gave much thought to. Like marriage.
“I still have the little silk number you gave me. Ahhh ... we had such good times back then, didn’t we?” Not waiting for a response from Gerry, she went on. “I’ve been thinking about you for such a long time. You can’t tell me you haven’t thought of me, Gerry. Do you remember what you said to me when I left? You said you didn’t think you’d ever forget me, or even could forget me.”
“No, what I said was I didn’t think I’d ever forget what you did to me.”
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