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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Excerpt from 'The Red Sun Rises' by Victoria Kinnaird

*Young Adult Paranormal Romance*

He was there waiting for me, but I had known he would be.

The orange glow from the street light was too harsh on his features, washing out his skin so that it was devoid of any sort of colour. His eyes were so bright, a light blue with darker flecks like fractured crystal. He had the longest eyelashes I'd ever seen on a boy, long and thick and pitch black, fanning across high cheekbones and casting long shadows across his flawless face.

He was taller than me, around six foot, and slender. His clothes were simple, but I could see they were expensive. He didn't look like anyone I’d ever seen before.

He didn't look human. 

His hair was so black it almost looked blue, and tumbled around his face in delicate waves. He couldn’t be more than eighteen years old, but he looked like the young men in Renaissance paintings, innocent and experienced all at once.

"You’re alive," I whispered as he pushed away from the wall to step even further into the light.

"Sort of," he smiled slowly, gaze flicking from my busted lip to my eyes. "You shouldn’t be here, Eren. Your dad is worried and it’s dangerous."

I struggled to focus on what he was saying, his voice had a soft musical lilt to it that I found simultaneously soothing and stimulating.

"What?" I asked, shaking my head in an attempt to clear it.

"You shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous," he repeated.

"I’m seventeen years old, this is exactly where I should be," I argued, feeling a blush rising across my cheeks. "You are way too young to be on my dad’s side in all this."

I could feel the blood dripping from my split lip as I spoke, staining my shirt. He seemed distracted, panic glistening in his eyes as I talked to him.
The realization crashed over me like a bucket of icy water. I’d seen him have his throat torn out - the nightmares were real, they had to be - yet here he was, eerie and deathly pale and more beautiful than anyone I’d ever met.

I stepped forward, closer to him, grinning when he stepped back. His back brushed the wall as I leaned in to him, savoring the flutter of his eyelashes against my burning cheeks.

His lips were a heady combination of ice and heat, like velvet draped over stone. He recoiled at first, but I held tight to his shoulders, I had just found him and I wasn’t going to let him go.

He groaned against my mouth, cold hands clutching at my hips, completely erasing the warmth left there by Andy’s hand. I felt him give in, his lips parting under mine. He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and I swear, just like the old movies, my knees nearly gave out.

I tipped my head back, inviting him to deepen the kiss and then I felt them. Two sharp teeth, exactly where fangs should be. My stomach flipped, torn between horror and arousal - yup, I still thought he was hot, fangs and all.

"You are the most impulsive, reckless boy," he murmured when I pulled away from him, still grinning.

My blood glistened across his frowning mouth. I watched, hypnotized, as his tongue darted out to lick it away. I was trembling, suddenly aware of how cold it had become.

"I have to take you home, right now," he told me.


"No?" He quirked a perfectly shaped dark eyebrow at my response.

"You’re a stranger. And a vampire. Why should I trust you?" I demanded, folding my arms around myself to try and stop my whole body from quaking. I felt like I was going to shake apart at the seams, my head was spinning.

"You are Eren Anderson. I’m Corbijn Cohen. We are not strangers anymore. You should trust me because your father trusts me to keep you safe."

"You just licked the blood from my split lip, fang boy, I don’t trust you."
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