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Monday, March 24, 2014

UnFamiliar by Erica Cope and Komal Kant

Genre: NA

“I thought I heard you. Figured you’d need this.” Chase strolled into the room wearing only his boxers with a glass of water and two big, white pills in his palm.
I tried not to stare at his huge arms or the ridiculous six-pack he had as I pulled the covers up to my chin. Though if what I thought happened last night had really happened, it was nothing he hadn't seen before. My cheeks felt hot and I lowered my eyes, unable to look at Chase. I was so embarrassed.
“What's wrong?” he asked as he sat down at the foot of his bed.
“Nothing. I just can't believe I did that last night.”
“You did get pretty wasted. I told you to slow down.”
“That's not what I mean.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Me and you— last night—do I really have to spell out what is wrong here?”
“I guess so because I'm kind of confused.”
“I have a boyfriend!”
“I’m aware of that,” he said quietly, and there was an edge to his tone that I didn’t understand.
“And you don't see that what we did was wrong?”
“Seriously Hailey, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.”
“Wait...do you mean—you and I—we didn't?”
“Didn't what?” he asked, obviously questioning my sanity. “Will you just spit it out already?”
Did he honestly have no idea why I was so upset? Yeah, sure I’d gotten drunk last night, but did he really think I was the kind of girl who would do something like that? Of course he probably did. I’d been upset, had agreed to come to his apartment, and then proceeded to get drunk— not exactly my typical behavior, but how would he know that?
“I cheated on my boyfriend last night,” I whispered, still unable to believe I could be so heartless.
Sure Braxton had been a jerk, but that didn’t justify my actions. It wasn’t even really his fault. He was just upset about his mom— it probably really had nothing to do with me or my hair; he just had no one else to take out his frustration on so he’d lashed out at me. I couldn’t really hold that against him. I was devastated about everything too— how could I do that to him?
“Wait! What?” He stood up. “With who?”
“With you, Einstein!”
He seemed relieved by my answer, though I couldn't imagine why. “Hailey, nothing happened last night.”
“Yes it did—I know I may have been drunk but I remember...”
“You remember what? Because the only thing that happened was you getting so drunk you couldn't even walk straight. I did what any decent person would do—I let you stay here and sleep it off. I even cleaned up your vomit.”
“But I remember—“ Oh God…
“What do you remember exactly?”
“Never mind.”
“No, tell me.” There was confusion plain on his face as he tried to figure out what I was talking about. I kept my face blank. There was no way I was going to admit it—ever—especially not to him.
“It was nothing.”
I watched his expression change as the pieces clicked in place. The confusion was slowly replaced with the sexiest smirk I had ever seen. “You had a sex dream about me. Didn’t you?” He seemed extremely amused by this.
“No, I didn't,” I snapped a little too defensively.
“Yes, you did.”
“Why the hell would I have a dream about you?”
“Probably because you find me completely irresistible,” he said, that smirk still on his face. “I bet I was amazing, huh?”

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