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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alexa's Adytum (The High Arc, book 3)

YA Paranormal


“Where is Lacal?” Alexa asked, but her question wasn’t answered by a verbal response from Rasmiyah. Instead, her world, the one she had created to protect herself, provided the answer.
A mixture of hot and cold air moved violently past them. About two feet in front of her it formed what first looked like a patch of fog but then cleared to reveal a screen, like looking into a crystal ball. She saw Lacal, a frozen image taken from her own memory. Now she remembered leaving him behind and remembered the choice that she was forced to make. It was the choice he wanted her to make, but it made it no easier for her to do. She had left him behind in the Navare’s lair in order to save the others. She had turned her back on him, and let him down.
“How could I do that to him?” Alexa sobbed and shook her head.
“You didn’t do anything.” The ground beneath them began to shake, there wasn’t much time before Rasmiyah would be pushed out. It had taken her much more energy than she thought it would just to get in. Alexa’s barrier was a strong one. So strong that Rasmiyah could only be there because Alexa had invited her inside. After Jazz’s visit shook Alexa up, her delicately created environment was on overload trying to keep everyone and everything out.
“Yes, I did do something, I left him there. I just left him there by himself! How could I do that to him? He would have never left me behind!” Alexa stepped away from Rasmiyah and wrapped her arms around herself. She wanted more than anything for it to be Lacal holding her instead.
“You had to get the others out. He knew that what you were doing was for the best.” Rasmiyah placed her hand gently one Alexa’s shoulder.
“Still, I have to get him back. I cannot just leave him there! I cannot believe I left him there this long.” Alexa shook her head and trembled beneath Rasmiyah’s hand.
“So, what is stopping you from getting him back Alexa?” Rasmiyah calmly challenged her.
“I am trapped here!” Alexa screamed and the ground began to rumble and a crack extended into the sea. The waves crashed against the shore and filled the voids that were created with warm salty water.
“You are not trapped Alexa, you have chosen not to leave.” Rasmiyah still managed to sound relaxed.
“I want to leave. Isn’t that choosing? Isn’t wanting to leave enough?” The sky became crowded with dark clouds; loud thunder shook the world as they crashed against each other.
“Well, if it is, maybe you don’t really want it, because you are still here. Wanting something, and choosing something is not the same thing Alexa.” Rasmiyah spoke softly, her voice carrying over to Alexa on a breeze even though the sound of the thunder tried to drown her out.
“I don’t understand what you mean.” Alexa had begun to cry, tears drenched her face. This was not the first time Rasmiyah had said those words to her. It frustrated her because after all she had been through; she was no closer to understanding the meaning behind the words.
“I know child, and you won’t be able to leave here until you do.”

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