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Monday, March 10, 2014

Jacob (Buffalo Rocker 2) by N Kuhn



Tragedy befalls Melody and Jacob, forever changing their lives. Such young love, destroyed by pain and cruelty. Jacob tries to drown his anger in alcohol and singing, quickly climbing the Country charts. Melody struggles to recover from her accident, doubting herself and her relationships. Will fate bring them back together or will fame keep them apart?


“I want a restraining order on my father. He’s the one who put me here.” Detective Shelton’s eyebrows almost reach his hairline. He looks from me to the pad, then back at me. Returning his eyes to the pad, he sits there, silently reading it. After a few minutes, he looks back at me.
“So your father is the reason that you’re here? He assaulted you and the cops in Tennessee did nothing about it?”
“I suppose they couldn’t, without me there to give a report. I mean, I was there and there were witnesses, but without me, how can they have anyone to press charges?” My throat is raw from speaking, but at least I’m able to communicate better.
“You’re right. So you want to press charges now?” Nodding, I look down at my hands. I hate feeling like a piece of shit, as if I’m doing something wrong. But my father killed my child and I can’t let him get away with it. I have to do this.
“I want to make sure that while I’m here, and even after I get out of here that he doesn’t come near me. I’ve lost enough because of him.” Nodding, Detective Shelton glances over my writing again.
“Well, the good news is, you won’t have to fill out a report, I can use this. Let me ask you a question though. This Jacob Robertson. Is this the same one that’s singing for Buckin Bronco’s? Dale Jackson’s son?” I just look at him, as if trying to understand what he means.

He must have understood my confusion. Pulling out his phone, he plays around for a few minutes. Sound comes from the phone, instantly I recognize Jacob’s voice.

There was a darkness inside of me
Now there’s light
Laying there next to you
Feeling the beat of your heart

You saved me
From the demons
Saved me
From the past

Feeling your skin on me
Warming my heart
Your love had brought me back
From a doomed life

You saved me
Your love saved me
Saved me
From the past

Ripped from my arms
Coming to harm
I couldn’t save you
As you had for me

You melted away my fears
Showed me a better future
Together we could have been better
Than who I was before

You saved me
From the darkness
You save me
But I couldn’t save you

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