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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Revitalized (The High Arc, book 1)

YA Paranormal


My heart skipped a beat, it was a sign. My love for the Willow had to have been because of her. The tree felt more alive than anything I had ever encountered before. I could now see it for what it was; it was much more than a tree. It was Rasmiyah, and connected to a part of me. There was movement in the walls. I looked closer to find that they were not frozen, but actually moving, breathing, feeding the tree; and calling to my soul.
There was a song. I could hear it, barely, coming from the heart of the tree. Airy tones, what I would assume angels sounded like, called out to me and beckoned me to join them, and, I wanted to. Every cell in my body began to call back to them, joining in their song, and rejoicing my return to what was undoubtedly my home.
I stepped forward. The tables turned. It was now I who towed Lacal with me. I had to be with them, the melodic voices in my head. I couldn’t wait any longer. Every step I took brought another pulse of energy. The light of the tree moved with those pulses, traveling into my body and warming me to my core. It felt warm and freeing and purifying.
As we reached the center of the room and the base of the tree, I looked down at my hands and I saw the light underneath my skin. It moved and danced throughout my limbs, and I embraced it. I turned to Lacal and saw that he looked the same as I did. He looked first at himself and then at me and smiled.
“You look so beautiful.” He touched my face and held his hand there. I leaned into him and covered his hand with mine.
“Is this how it felt the first time you were here? This is amazing, I feel so good. I can’t even find the words to express it.” I smiled at him and wanted to kiss him.
“No, this is new. See, I told you, you are the one, Alexa. All of this wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t.” He looked at me like a kid preparing to open the largest gift under the Christmas tree.
“Yeah, you were right, about everything,” I stepped closer to him pressing my body up against his.
“So, are you ready for this?” He asked me and turned away to look at the tree.
“I don’t know exactly what ‘this’ is, but yes I’m ready.” I turned to face the tree as well. Our hands fell from my face, but we didn’t lose contact. We laced our fingers together.
He placed his free hand on the trunk then motioned for me to do the same. I did, placing my hand right next to his. I felt a prick in the palm of my hand, a tiny point of pain followed by an overpowering sense of ecstasy.
The energy from the tree poured into us, and the glow beneath our skin intensified until we were lit up almost as bright as the Willow itself. The voices, once singing, were now sighing with contentment as the branches reached around us, tying together and sealing us in our own cocoon away from the world.
I assumed it would be over. It was exactly what Lacal had described, a cocoon and light. We stood there, looking at each other and nothing happened. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t ruin the moment with words. There really were no words to say.

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