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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bare Back by N. Kuhn

*Yes 18+*
*Romantic Suspense*


      Turning away from Mitch, I try to wipe the drool from my mouth without anyone noticing. My cheeks burn and I hope he can’t see me blushing. The green button down he was wearing hid a lot. The man has the chiseled body of an Adonis. His shoulders, arms, chest, abs, all of it massive and well defined. He has a stomach you can do your laundry on. His left arm and right side are covered in ink and it just makes me want to jump on his cock right here. I may have a slight weakness for tattoos. Too bad his friend is here. Sex Kel, that’s it, it’s only sex. I say it in my head like a mantra. It’s not love, just a dry libido needing watering. Taking a deep breath, I turn back, and his pale blue eyes are fixed right on me. For real? The man has just been shot and all he can do is stare at me like he wants to eat me. Which, normally, would be absolutely fine with me, except its Mitch. The man who broke my heart. My first love. I’ll never forget that empty feeling, the pain I went through when I realized he didn’t love me. The fact that his brother was right about it, only made it worse. Why him? Why did the rescue team have to include Mitch? I have to remember the pain. That’s the only way I’ll survive this. I can’t let him back in to hurt me again. I made that promise to myself ten years ago. I won’t back down from that. Looking away from him again, I can’t bear to see the bullet wound in his bicep. Blood runs down his skin, and I feel bad that it’s my fault. His arms are like a piece of art and not only is this a man I saw myself marrying when I was young and dumb, but it’s also a law enforcement officer, hurt, because of me. How had I missed the Gessatti connection in Billy Joe’s file? Plus, if there’s crooked Rangers, then maybe that explains how he seemed to have gotten away so easily in the first place. This whole thing should have been an easy pick up. Billy Joe’s not even that smart. But the whole thing is turning into a mess.

“Ok darling, we’re all done here,” I hear Dodge say. Looking back at the two men, they seem so alike. Both attractive, built, strong men who obviously take care of themselves. They are the type that makes women weak in the knees. But Mitch does it for me. When I look at him, my heart flutters and I can’t even remember his partners here. I’m in deep shit.
“Ready to go find your dad?” Mitch asks me. Shit. I can’t believe I even forgot about dad. Nodding my head, I run my hand through my hair. I hope he’s ok. Crap, what if those guys find him before we can make our way back there? This is not good.
“I have a map here, can you show us where you left him? We’ll figure out a way to get back there quick, hopefully without running into those guys again,” Dodge says, handing me the map. His boyish grin compliments the green eyes and blonde hair he has. Never have I been happier that I deal with potbellied cops instead of these gorgeous Rangers. I mean, is it a requisite that they’re attractive? Do they have to hand in head shots when they fill out the application?
“Darling? You ok?” Mitch asks me. Snapping out of my thoughts, I kneel down next to the guys, glad that I’m a woman and they can’t see my arousal. Though, the grin Mitch is giving me says he might. Unfolding their map, Dodge shows us about where we are. According to this, we aren’t too far off. We can already hear the water from the creek, and Billy Joe’s campsite was near the water.
“Ok, this is about where dad is,” I point to a clearing on the surface map. “We can follow the water down and get to him pretty quick. Should only take us about twenty minutes.” The guys look at each other and nod. Mitch slowly puts his shirt back on and though part of me is sad to see it covered again, some part of me is filled with relief. I can tell he tries to hide it, but I know better. I see the flicker of pain that flashes across his face as he shoves his arm in the sleeve.

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