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Friday, February 7, 2014

Excerpt from 'Erin the Fire Goddess: Betrayal' by Lavinia Urban

*YA Paranormal Fiction*

Have you ever felt lonely? I mean, completely alone and isolated? Like you never fitted in anywhere.
Take my family. There is my mum Kate and my dad John, who have been together since they were born. Then there is my 14-year-old sister, Kasey-Ray. All three are popular, sporty, and very attractive. My mum has brown shoulder length hair and green eyes. She works doing her favourite thing, cleaning. My dad has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He works as a plumber with the local plumbing company, who only employ two people, my dad, and the owner himself. My sister has long blonde hair and the piercing blue eyes. She is never short of admirers. She is a year younger than I am, but most of the time acts like the older sister.
Then there is me......... Up until the start of the school summer holidays, I didn’t care about my appearance. What was there to care about? I was a freak! My brown hair had hung in rats tails, just past my shoulders. I had no friends. I had a knack of repelling people. It was not my fault. You see, I was born with a birth defect, a huge birthmark on my left cheek. A birthmark that labelled me a monster, a birthmark that scared little children and made everyone else gasp and point.
Then I met Sean Jackson and life as I knew it, changed. From that day, a girl from my form room called Jessica Watson targeted me in a kind of hate campaign. She had despised me from the very first moment she laid eyes on me. She went out of her way to warn me to stay away from Sean.
On the last day of school, she attacked me. It was then that I found I had secret powers. That is right, I have secret powers. It makes me smile inside just thinking about it. I have the ability to produce fire. I have not quite mastered it yet. I tend to produce it when I am angry. However, finding this secret has brought a completely new set of revelations. My parents both have special powers. My mum can produce lightning and my dad can produce thunder. Two halves right? Well guess what? I too have another half in the form of Sean. Yep, the gorgeous guy I saw on the first day of school is my soul-mate and he can produce water.
To top it all off, my birthmark has shrunk and started fading. I actually take pride in my appearance. I feel good about myself, both on the inside and out. I have an amazing boyfriend and now I don’t feel so alone and isolated anymore.
Life is good and I am happy. Really happy.
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